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    04 April, 2020 

BERKOOT IPA is a fully licensed and insured Private Investigative & Protection Agency providing:

  • Discreet asset and executive protection
  • Corporate security
  • Loss prevention
  • Foreseeable security negligence
  • Security operations
  • Security systems and consulting
  • Investigations and undercover operations, including background checks, interviews, electronic surveillance
  • Threat and vulnerability assessments

Berkoot IPA provides a full spectrum of security and risk mitigation services for corporate environments throughout the world. Our diverse knowledge of the United State of America, Europe, and Commonwealth of Independent States is second to none.

Truth, in the absolute sense of the word, can not be known. One can only know some aspect of what is true or not true. Truth is born of experience, and tested over time.


Berkoot Personal Protection Programs is based on the Systema Russian Martial Art and hand-to-hand combative skills taught by Elite Russian Special Forces.