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    22 May, 2022 
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Systema Russian Martial Art & hand-to-hand combative skills taught by Elite Russian Special Forces.

In these classes, you are taught elite hand-to-hand fighting skills, including striking, strike absorption & pain compliance.
You will learn ground survival techniques including dive/roll/falling techniques, body movement, stealth techniques and escape,  against individual and multiple attackers. You will be taught confined spaces fighting, psychological & physiological techniques including life-saving breathing/healing work.

Furthermore, you will learn offensive and defensive weaponry skills with a variety of weapons, including improvised & unconventional weapons. This practical form of combat combines an individual's strong spirit with extremely clever and versatile tactics that will work in any circumstances and against any enemy.

All tactics employed within "SYSTEMA" are based upon instinctive reactions, individual strengths and limitations of human body, and are specifically designed for fast learning.
The Russian fighting system makes no distinction between blocks, strikes or holds - believing that every movement is multifunctional. Techniques are based on the natural movement of the body resulting in unique, unpredictable, and highly effective moves.This fighting art uses different parts of legs, arms and body to strike, kick, slap, drill, pinch and push to disorient, shock, disarm and destroy if need be opponents.


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