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    17 September, 2019 
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Alex Popeskou is a veteran of Airborne Special Forces (VDV).

He has been rewarded for excellent service by the Minister of Defense, Division and Regiment commander. Participated in the International conflicts and operations within the Middle East.

After service and retirement Mr. Popeskou worked in the International Security Agency . He was Director of Operations and Chief of the Personal Protection Department and conducted different tasks and operations in the territory of the former USSR and Eastern Europe.

Upon arriving in the USA, Mr. Popeskou has been trained and developing a special security methodology. His security methodology is used by individuals and businesses around world. In 2000 Mr. Popeskou graduated from Executive Security International. Since 2003 Mr. Popeskou President and Founder of Berkoot International Protection Agency. He has been a practioner and teacher of the martial arts for more than 33 years. He is a graduate of over 37 formal military, security and martial arts training courses.

Mr. Popeskou is recognized as an Instructor of the  Russian Martial Art, *The System*. * The System* is a unique combat system that was shrouded in secrecy and reserved for the most elite combat units of Soviet/Russian Special Forces and bodyguards of the highest level.

Berkoot International Protection Agency provides broad services specializing in operational support, consulting of Western companies operating in Russia and Moldova, Protection Services, Consulting, Investigation & Personal Protection Training.

Licensed in Florida & Consulting Worldwide. Mr. Popeskou is a Certified Protection Specialist, an International Protection Consultant, Private Investigator, Martial Arts Instructor utilizing his skills and experience providing close personal protection services, consulting and training for Executives, Corporate Officers & VIPs, Celebrities, Politicans, and Private Individuals.

Mr. Popeskou is multilingual in English, Russian, Ukrainian, Moldavian and most Slavic Languages; and he is experienced in defusing high-risk situation.

Truth, in the absolute sense of the word, can not be known. One can only know some aspect of what is true or not true. Truth is born of experience, and tested over time.


Berkoot Personal Protection Programs is based on the Systema Russian Martial Art and hand-to-hand combative skills taught by Elite Russian Special Forces.