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    22 March, 2018 
Elite Group
Berkoot Elite Group is formed from the elite branches of military troops, special army subdivisions, licensed detectives, protection specialists and consultants that have wide professional experience in the sphere of personal and corporate protection services.
Berkoot Elite Group provides broad services, specializing in operational support to Western companies, in Russia, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine guaranteeing services on an absolute legal ground of each country's juridical aspects and international laws. In the formation and assistance of Berkoot Elite Group, we express special gratitude to our Colleagues and Instructors for their undoubted professionalism and practical help. Our strength is in unity and professionalism.

Truth, in the absolute sense of the word, can not be known. One can only know some aspect of what is true or not true. Truth is born of experience, and tested over time.


Systema Russian Martial Art & hand-to-hand combative skills taught by Elite Russian Special Forces. In these classes, you are taught elite hand-to-hand fighting skills, including striking, strike absorption & pain compliance. You will learn ground survival techniques including dive/roll/falling tech